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Typ10 Online is the additional Typ10 module in which we focus on touch typing accuracy and tempo. The different options the program offers all support the learning process. Typ10 Online is structured in different levels, so it is adapted to each child.

A follow-up system for each pupil is available to the Typ10 teacher.

Typ10 Online offers multiple benefits, both for the child and for the teacher:

For the children:

  • Improvement of touch typing accuracy
  • Improvement of touch typing tempo
  • Stimulation of motivation through the cups and diamonds reward system

For the teacher:

  • Adjustment of different program options according to the needs of the pupil/group
  • Homework follow-up
  • Simple detection of mistakes
  • Possibility to print a remediation exercise after each task
  • Ability to show and print measurable results

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