Typ10 can easily be used in a therapeutic setting,...

both in one-on-one situations and in small groups. The following are some of the possible applications:

*Children with issues involving their fine motor skills often experience difficulty when writing. Their writing motor skills are insufficient and although they do have a clear idea about what they want to say, they have trouble writing their thoughts down on paper. Working with a computer could help resolve these issues, but these children need to be able to touch type.

*Children with dyslexia are often allowed to use special software programs (e.g. “Sprint”), but this is beneficial when they know how to touch type.

*Children with psycho-motoric issues such as DCD, dyspraxia, and lateralisation issues (often) cannot benefit from standard typing methods because the time pressure and required number of keystrokes per minute that are typical of these methods sets a threshold during the learning process that is too high.

*Children who need a high degree of structure, such as children with ASD or ADHD benefit from the unique Typ10 approach.

*For all other children, the ability to touch type is a skill that can be a great asset as an adult, since our society has become very technology-oriented and working with computers is now a must.

By making use of therapeutic insight as to how to improve the motor skills of children, you can, even in (small) group settings, work with each child individually to master touch typing according to their individual learning pace.

In our 10 lessons, children can learn how to touch type and how to memorise the whole keyboard. You can find out how the lessons are structured in our training course (which is a day-long course). Typ10 Online was developed to help children improve their accuracy after they’ve completed the ten lessons, enabling them to reach a speed that will help them keep up in class,. This online module can now be integrated in classes starting from lesson 6, and from 17 September, this will be possible from lesson 1.

For more info, see www.typ10-online.com

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