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Typ 10 is an incredibly fun method for teaching children how to touch type.

This method has been developed for use in the classroom, small groups and individual guidance.


  • 10 lessons to teach the basic skills
  • Follow-up online module for one (school) year = www.typ10-online.com
  • For any child aged 9 or older
  • Learning to type in a fun manner without any time pressure
  • Personal guidance
  • Also suited for children with learning and development issues
  • Success rate = 92%

The five major pitfalls when learning how to touch type

  • Children who are learning through a repetition-based method will quickly lose motivation.
  • The retyping of repetitive letter combinations will cause children to lose focus very rapidly.
  • Applying time pressure adds an extra barrier in the learning process.
  • Not being able to type all letters correctly makes it harder to go on to the next level and shows children what they can do but more importantly, it highlights what they CAN’T do, which can lead to fear of failure
  • By only using a repetition-based method, in any shape or form, it will take a lot of time to build up a the foundations needed to master the skill of touch typing.

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