Structure of the course

The course is structured around 10 lessons.
Touch typing is taught in a fun manner to keep children motivated. Children need to practice at home so that their motor learning will be automatized step by step. Parents will be involved in this.

Our groups consist of a maximum of 10 participants.
The price for these group lessons is €195/pp., which includes teaching material and a Typ10 Online profile.

*Typ10 Online is accessible for one year in order to complete the 10 online lessons. Children will do their homework on this starting from lesson 1. Starting from lesson 6, online practicing will be integrated in the class too. We recommend children bring a laptop for this. If you do not have access to a laptop, we can provide you with one for €50 during the course of the lessons. (The teacher will contact you to check your laptop situation before the lessons start). Vous pouvez vous inscrire ci-dessous pour les cours collectifs suivants. You can register for upcoming group lessons below.

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