How does the Typ10 method work?

To ensure that typing skills are integrated in the best possible way, a variety of different learning channels are used at the same time. We work with colours, figures, stories, games, and different kinds of exercises such as fill-in-the-blanks exercises and reflective exercises.

We first teach how to automatize letters and their positions and then translate that knowledge into into motor skills. Typ10 uses a finger-by-finger method, which is taught vertically, and which is cemented into a structure in which every lesson consists of 4 steps:

Step 1
Memorising the position of the letters on the keyboard
Locating letters on the keyboard and going through the different locations on the keyboard
(with stickers on the correct key).

Step 2
Getting acquainted with new letters and letter combinations
Conveying cognitive knowledge in a fun manner through games linked to Typ10 content.

Step 3
Visual and visuomotor imagination
Practicing through the use of stories that revolve around the key words that have been taught.

Step 4
Touch typing
Exercises and homework.
The teacher can follow up on how often a pupil practices by email or through the Typ10 online profile.

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